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NGL Student Portal is your personalized portal to United States University Once you are admitted to the university, you will find everything you need in the student Portal, from your application status to graduation, including but not limited to course registration, apply for financial aid, check your email, access your courses, submit assignments, print grade reports and much more....

NGL Student Portal provides secure access to all of your needs as a student in United States University. The student portal is the place where learner and educator comes together.

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How to obtain your NGL System Login Information

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Below is an overview of all tools available for students within NGL student portal.

NGL Account Navigation:

Dashboard: Also your portal home page. You can easily view your course listing, calendar, alerts, and news from this page.

My Courses: This is your access to the online course delivery system. Please click Here for detailed instructions video.

Grades & Feedback: To learn how to access your grades for your course, such as assignment grades, Threaded Discussion and faculty feedback to your work, please click here

Alerts: Listings of course alerts and your personal alerts will show up here. There are some Alerts that require your attention, those types of alerts have no expiration date and will disappear from your alerts list upon completion of the requirement. For Example: Missing admission documents, assuming you did not submit your admission document, an alert will show up until you submit the required document.

Calendar: Your personalized school calendar. The calendar will contain the academic calendar dates.

Contact Advisor: You can use this page to send an email message to your Educational Advisor.

Diploma Request: You can request your School Diploma from here. Please Note: That only Graduated students can request a Diploma. If you did not graduate, the page will show you a message that will prevent you from requesting a diploma. Click here for more instructions.

Drop Requests: You can request to drop your courses from this page. Please refer to the Catalog to learn more about drop request and fees associate with dropping your course after the start date of the session.

Grade Report: You can view your grade reports from this page. The grade report allows you to run official grade reports per session in PDF file format. The PDF will show the courses you took for the selected session, the grade you received, the point you earned for the course and the totals. In addition the grade report will present you with your session GPA and overall GPA for the program you are in. Click here for more instructions.

ID Card Request: You can request your ID card from here. During your ID card request you will need to provide credit card information for the ID Card fee. Please refer to the Tuition & Fees page to learn more about the ID Card fee.

My Applications: You can view your United States University applications from this page. The page will provide you with a list of your application and the status of the application.

My Degree Plan: Please Click Here to learn more on your Degree Overview, Register to course, Drop Course. Please click here to learn more on how to read your degree plan.

News: Listing of university and course news items can be viewed from here.

Personal Info: You can view and edit your personal information from this page. United States University encourages you to ensure that your personal information is up to date. Please update this page with any changes to your personal information. For security reason, we have blocked the ability to view Social Security Number, First, Middle and Last name. If you need to make changes to those pieces of information, please contact the United States University Registrar's office.

Transcript Requests: Requests your official United States University transcripts from here. Please note that with every transcript request there is a fee associated with the request. You must provide your credit card information to submit your transcript request. For this page you can also view your un-official transcript in a PDF file format. Click here for more instructions.